The new Fresh Foam X Hierro v8 

Designed for durability and traction.

What is Fresh Foam?

Fresh Foam represents a revolutionary advancement in the material that cushions the high impact foot strikes that occur on roads, tracks, courts, and fields everywhere. Informed by 3D motion captured pressure mapping and force application data gathered from real athletes, Fresh Foam is softness quantified.

A white New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 with black, blue, and red accents sits on pavement.
Behind the design

‘Our goal from the start was to create a shoe that would give runners their best run ever. After taking design cues from New Balance Running’s rich heritage, we utilised the latest data in midsole geometries, materials, and upper technology to give the shoe an on-foot feel that is unmatched.’ — Seth Maxwell, Senior Designer of Performance Running

The new Fresh Foam X 880

Running every day is hard. Now it’s soft too. 

Fresh Foam lineup

Knee-down view of two Fresh Foam 880v13 shoes

Reliable cushioning for the everyday runner

Fresh Foam X 880v14
Knees-down view of two Fresh Foam 860v13 shoes

Supportive comfort and stability

Fresh Foam X 860v13
Two runners wearing the Fresh Foam 1080v13 shoes

Our smoothest running experience

Fresh Foam X 1080v13

Fresh Foam Best Sellers